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Travel Radius

Green Radius - INCLUDED

Yellow Radius - Flat FEE $30

*We custom quote any area needed outside of YELLOW

How does a session with us work?

1. First check your location on our Travel Radius map below to see if you will need to pay for travel.         Please note:  We will charge for travel not paid for if outside boundary lines. 
2. Click on Schedule Appointment button below and choose your package:
      - add on a basement if you want a basement scanned
      - add travel if it applies. 
3. Choose your day and time. 
4. Pay for your session.
We will meet you at your location, scan the property and take photos of the outside.
We then put it all together and send you your digital files within 48 hours of the scan. 

That's it...You will receive a 3D tour, inside and outside photos, a schematic floor plan in png and pdf formats as well as the RMS measurements.  


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